Holiday Collection

I am so excited to announce that my Holiday Collection is on it's way, I've change my mind a couple of times  about releasing colours that would be considered Winter fashion forward or just sticking to traditional Christmas colours. Well I decided that I would stick to a traditional colour pallet for this year. You will see a ton of red and green and gold’s.  I’m a huge Christmas person myself so I may get carried away on my designs teehee, now that being said, “Did You Know”  that you can tweek my designs? Yesssss you can:) Please if you do not want sparkle or bling or even softer colours do not hesitate just DM me and we can make those changes!

 I hope you enjoy the Holiday Collection I will be releasing new designs almost weekly leading up to Christmas! Also I will have a few New Years designs on there too! Looking forward to celebrate the Holidays with you.....

Claw On Sisters💕