6 Benefits Of Painting Nails

As you know I paint mainly nails, but the benefits of painting can go beyond nails here are some benefits that I have experienced during my creativity while painting. 

I’m sure you can relate to some of these if you are a painter.

1. Painting nails is very relaxing for me, I’d say it can stimulate the creative mind while relieving mental strain. Focusing on painting is known to let all the mental stresses go. 

2. To have those quite moments although they do not always last for long because I            do eventually listen to music or put on Netflix’s, but that moment of Sheer silence is to live for. 

3. I feel like its added alone time, time for myself no kids no husband just me “self care” and I believe that self care is so important.

4. Painting can also boost memory skills, it also works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation.

5. Painting and Art can make you feel safe, having an outlet to express your creativity and emotions through your art work.

6. Concentration is a huge one, speaking about concentration from my own experience.  I did not and would not like to sit for long periods of time, As I would consider myself a always on the go type of person. Painting has been so therapeutic for me because sitting and concentrating has actually been one of the best things that I have learned about myself.  I can actually sit for long periods of  time and concentrate on a single task without a problem the days of rushing are over and telling people I don’t like to sit does not exist through my art form I’ve learned how to better concentrate.  Sometimes you just get in a rut and say to people that this is just who I am just because that is what I have always done rush rush never sit TeeHee, I know some of you can relate. But for me I’ve moved past this I know now that I can sit and concentrate on a single nail to be exact for quite some time..

Creation through Artistic abilities is the one of my greatest accomplishments of paths that I have chosen, if you are thinking about creating through your artistic  abilities remember its never to late to start.