"When Nails Are Life"

 I know a whole lot of ladies can agree with me. I have been one of those crazy nail ladies since my early teens pretty much when I could start wearing nail polish and apply it by myself.  Now that being said I haven’t always worn nice long Nails or the shorty’s.  I use to paint my nails with “yes” regular nail polish I started with wet and wild and when “MO” money started to come in I upgraded and I was a huge advocate for OPI oh how how I loved OPI Polish.  Then when at home curing machines became popular I purchased my first at home curing machine it was from the Sally Hansen line, I was ecstatic to upgrade to that and a small line of Gel Polish, I would visit the salon off and on to have nails applied mainly acrylics and mainly for special occasions with a couple of fills to follow. “Nails have always been life”.  When I’m not doing nails and just hanging I'm usually searching for Ideas for nails. When I say nails are life ummm I wasn’t joking. I know I’m not alone I see you teehee....Nails can be such a fun passion there are so many different ways of doing them so many designs and up and coming nail ideas. The craft of nail art never ends. As you watch me grow in my nail technique I’m sure you will see a ton of improvements and new designs hopefully more out of the box work and I’m hoping in the future to take some courses to advance in level of art technique.  Press on nails have been a way of life for me now and I’m so happy to share my tiny blogs, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Post, Instagram Videos, my small Etsy shop with you all. Can’t wait for the future of @sisterclaws.

Claw On Sisters....xx