Ok so my packaging is still not fancy but I have reduced the amount of dime bags that I was using and now I put the nails on my card with two-way tape and they are sealed in a larger bag with your kit of glue etc. I was loving the way I was doing it before, you know that phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder TEEHEE I can relate this situation to that phrase.  But the question I have to ask myself is did it look pretty "NOPE" 😂.....I think it looks much sleeker this way and a little more polished. I don't know about you but sometimes I get my head wrapped around something and its so hard to change my thought process, I still like my old way 🤪.  But I know all of my clients will like sleeker look and it just makes way more sense doing it this way! less time consuming for myself as well.

Anywho just wanted to let all of my returning customers your package will be prettier.💕

Claw On Sisters xx