I am so in love with all the nail art circulating, since all nail salons here in Canada are closed and most in the US, I've been seeing such amazing art through social media. WOW, there is such inspiration and talent out there. I'd say there are some nail techs that actually don't display their talent due to work obligations and probably just being exhuasted at the end of the day we all know what that feels like, but let me tell you the talent out there is remarkable. I am learning so much from such brilliant nail artist. I'd say If you are thinking about starting a small business or just say you want to get more out of your craft, hands down join some sort of social media group that has the same interest as you. People want to help you, having a sense of community when starting up or just having peeps that have the same interest as you is sooooo encouraging.  As we go through this Isolation phase it is nice to know that there is so many ways you can still access the outside world. Like connecting with you all.  Brings me normacy and I am forever greatful for my itty bitty blog.

Keep being you Boo's Claw on Sistah's...💕

Stay Safe🙏