“Sister Claws” press on nails can help you go from everyday to glamorous in an instant. Whether you want to apply them for a special occasion, or you're just ready to get your Claw on. Learn how to apply your new set of Sister Claws below. 

Soak your nails 

Giving yourself a quick manicure prep before applying your Sister Claws will keep your nails healthy and ensure your Claws stay on for as long as possible. Start by soaking them in warm water for about five minutes, until they're nice and soft. Dry your hands and nails with a cloth.

Trim and file your nails 

Use a nail clipper to trim your nails so that they're all even. Trim your nails, but not to the short. You want a bit of an edge to give your Claws more to hold onto. Use a nail file to give your nails a good smooth edge.

Take off your old polish and/or nails

You'll need to take off your old polish, even if it's clear in order to apply Sister Claws. Having old polish on your nails will make it harder for your Claws to stick. They'll end up falling off in a day or two unless you take this necessary step.

Push back your cuticles 

While your nail beds are still soft from the soak, use the cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles. This way you can make sure you're gluing your Sister Claws to your nails, not your skin.

Buff your nails 

Use a nail buffer to buff your nails well. This will create a slightly rough surface, making it easier for the Claws to adhere. Wipe off the dust with your alcohol pad when you're finished.

To apply the first nail

Swirl a dab of glue on your real nail. Then apply another dab of glue on your Sister Claws nail that you will attach to your real nail. Carefully place the Sister Claws nail directly over your real nail so that the bottom curve lines up perfectly with your cuticle. Press it down and hold for 10 seconds to let it set. 

Repeat these steps on all your nails. “Welcome to Sister Claws!”