4 Steps To Order Your Claws

1. For custom orders Pm me a picture with the design that you want I will get back to you with an exact price.  

Note: I have my own style I will try to do a design that resembles it please keep in mind the designs are done by another nail artist I will do my best to to resemble the design.

2. Take your Measurements, there is a simple way to measure your nails with every listing in my shop there is a description on how to do this.  If you are unsure not to worry I have sizing kits it is a good idea to invest in a sizing kit they are $5 but you will have your exact measurements this way!

3. Let me know what shape of nail you want, as an example:long coffin, long stiletto, short oval , or short square. 

4. If you live in Durham Region I offer porch pick-up:)