Claw Sisters Heyyyy,

So this is a question that I get all the time. So here it is I've used and tested both this weekend so I could give you a fresh explanation "Glue vs Nail Tabs".  Nail Glue is Long term and Nail Tabs are short term I would say nail tabs are a great option if you have thin nail beds, if you are using the nails for an outing say for a wedding or trip to the mall anywhere where you are not excessively washing your hands, cleaning, organizing etc. Also keep in mind when you are using nail tabs your nail prep is just as important as prepping your nails when using nail glue. I do find that when the nails are prepped properly the nail tabs tend to stick for a longer period of time if you are just not able to use nail glue for health reasons or religious practices the prep is very important. Now lets talk nail glue.  Nail glue is definitely my go to I'm pretty rough on my hands I workout I have a child I wash dishes so on and so forth.  If you would like have your nails on for a week or more at a time then this is definitely the way to go.

 Also ladies remember your nails are not a tool they are your presson nails.   so please DO NOT slide your nail under a soda can to open it, its just not a great idea, chances are that nail will pop off and you will find yourself stressed and searching for that glue and that nail. 

Until Next Time Claw Sisters