Questions and Uncertainty during this time is so overwhelming. I personally question myself constanly. One of the questions I have been asking myself is will business change as we know it.  I have to be honest Im a newbie to this world of the online community and communicating in all these different ways. I'm constantly questioning myslelf, will this be the new norm? Or will life go back to how it was. I dont know what the answer is I'm sure like many of you we are all asking the same questions. 

 My uncertainity in all of this, is just that , what is life going to look like, will I be able to keep up with this social media way of connecting? Will it be easier to hop on a zoom call instead of meeting up with a friend for a coffee? "I think not"....Presonally I love Coffee with friends. But who knows where priorities will lie when we all get back to what we will call normal. My small business has been such a blessing during this time.  I work at Senior Centers teaching fitness I have been temporarily laid off but with Sister Claws I have been able to carry on and Clients have been wonderful lots of Canadians have been supporting Local and I am forever greatful for all of you.  Thank You to all of my clients and thank you for all of your support during this time it is appreciated more then you will ever know.

Until Next Time 

Claw On Sisters