So I can go on and on about this topic who doesn't love fancy packaging, I love getting a gift in the mail with a beautiful wrapper to open or a cute little box this can be so exciting... Ok I have to say that for me this is not an option and I will now tell you why. I use pretty decent Gel Polish that I coat multiple times.  I focus on making the nails perfect which is sometimes not always easy so I have thrown out multiple nails before.  These cost add up.  Personally I would rather splurge on Gel Polish then the showcase of how the nails are delivered.  I have also kept my pricing to a minimum I'd say pretty affordable with free shipping, MM HM "Free Shipping In Canada Regular Mail".  So I guess in my case I gave up the pretty packaging to offer affordability and quality. Not saying other artist are giving this up but this is how I justify what I do for my press on nails.  Here is how I package my press on nails, I currently use dime bags to sort each nail so you as my customers are not super confused getting a ton of nails and not knowing what finger to place them on. Secondly I have a sealable bag which is the size of a Basketball card that I insert the dime bags into I place a sticker on it with my logo.  I insert a card which is 5x8 with instructions on one side and my logo on the other side( People tend to take a picture with their nails holding the card which is great advertising a huge thank you to those people xo). One more sealble bag with a buffer, cuticle  pusher, nail glue included with every nail set.  With all this being said if your product is quality that plays a bigger role then your packaging.  Lowering my cost to offer affordability to all customers is something I strive for.

Claws On Sistahs💕