Heyyyy Claw Sisters, So this Pandemic has me running a little low on everything.

All my suppliers that I would normally deal with are on backorder.  I have been following up on my orders with the supply chains and it looks like this is the week that I will be in full swing again.  I just wanted to let you all know I am STILL HERE!!! 

So with saying all of that I have some exciting new surprises that I will be adding to my site so all of you can get you "Claws ON" ASAP.

Thank You for all of your support of my "Nail Shop" I will be all stocked up by the end of the week!!!

All of you that have placed orders Do Not Worry I have fulfilled them!

*In Stock currently Short Squared, Short Oval, Long Coffin All Colors on my site are also available.

Stay Tuned.....will update by the end of this week

Stay Safe

Stay Connected 

Hang In There

XOXO Claw Sisters