Hi everyone, its been too long since I wrote anything I was actually thinking how active I was on this blog in 2020 but life sometimes gets in the way but HERE I AM writing you all again, fingers crosssed I will be writing once a month that is giving myself some writing grace “teehee”.  I wanted to start of by saying THANK YOU, thank you for supporting my small business in a “Pandemic” WOW you guys are awesome you have no idea how much this means to me. Wishing you all of the strength and health in “2021”.I wanted to introduce to you my new “2021” Colour palette its been quite a year and I wanted to bring something out new and exciting 🤩I have selected some of the most fashionable colours for this year. Some are trendy and some are up and coming. I hope these colours find you💜.  As the year progresses and seasons change I will release small colour line ups as well to make sure I am accommodating all styles and moods.  Even if we are in the comfort of our own homes in February your nails will look fantastic, I have been working on a series called “LOVE” in this series there will be themed nail art for the everyday Gal and there will also be some different pieces that I have created to go with the line that screams “LOVE”. This series will be available all year it is not just for February I believe “LOVE” can be carried through this year. As life goes on in this rapidly changing world, I’m hoping to carry on in what I do, I hope you continue to follow my social media and Thank you for your continued support.  2021 will not have us beat, sending positive healthy vibes to you.... Claw On SistersApril Xoxo