• Size Update

    I’m so excited to announce.
    All sizes and shapes listed are now available.
  • Hi Y’all I’m Still Here!!!

    Heyyyy You!
    Wow this Pandemic has really made me realize how life can change so quickly. The little things in life have become so important “Toilet Paper” LOL...But honestly all jokes aside this has been quite the slap upside the head....Who would of thought??Long Story short I am so greatful for you all and all of your support of my small business. Please continue to follow me for updates read my lil wee blog and get your “Claws On” I have some exciting new colours that will be released early summer and some more exciting news coming your way. As we navigate through such a tough time remember we all have to help each other..
  • Who I am....

    Hello Claw Sister, Let me finally introduce myself. My passion for nails have been apart of me from as long as I can remember, I love colours design and small designs, I collaborated with my Sister and Sister Claws was born. We set up a instagram account @sisterclaws and people wanted these designs we were making. So Sister Claws was born. We currently share a FB and Insta but sell separately on our own individual websites.
    Thank You so much for following me on this journey. I’m excited to share my nail journey with you.
  • Happy Happy Easter 🐣

    Thank You, to all of my customers and support I really appreciate each and every one of you! To those that are in thinking mode of whether or not Press On Nails would be for you. Take a leap I’m positive you will not be disappointed.
    Also follow along on insta: @sisterclaws.
    Love Always, Sister Claws...💕
  • Measuring Your Nails At Home Has Never Been Easier

    Hey Hey ladies, sometimes measuring your nails at home for a pair of custom press on nails could be a little stressful especially for those that has never tried a pair of press on nails before. I hope this helps I have simplified the steps for easy measuring. 💕
  • Pantone Summer/Spring Colours

    Colour is definitely important when nails are involved, not only does it make a fashion statement but it can change your mood. Why not have an awesome line up for Summer/Spring 2020 Ladies your nails will thank you!!
  • Fun Fact #1

    Heyyyy Claw Sisters, I bet you I can tell you something new about how fake nails started?
  • How To Safely Remove Press On Nails..

    Hey Ladies, Have you ever wondered how to remove press on nails the correct way? Here is a simple guide to help you on your way!
  • Why Not Press On Nails??

    Press On Nails have had a bad wrap at times, here I explain the benefits of why these guys are my jam!!!
  • “Press On Nails Do’s And Do Not’s”

    Welcome to my Blog, in here I will be blogging about Press On Nails, design Do’s and the Do NOT’s. I will be sharing my progress in developing the perfect set of Press On Nails and overall tips that I gather from research.

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